Walid & Djalil Baba Moussa

Co-Founders, OneTrip Technologies

The founding team are the brothers Walid (CEO) and Djalil BABA MOUSSA (CTO).

Together they built a grocery delivery marketplace called Epipresto (https://epipresto.ca/en)  that they operated from 2019 to 2023. Thanks to this marketplace, consumers could shop in one or multiple local stores in the same cart and get it their order in one delivery. Through the execution, they got valuable feedback of customers (grocers and consumers) that they leveraged to create OneTrip Technologies

Walid is trained as a mechanical engineer and has spent 5 years in the manufacturing industry to introduce new technology in a plant, in the context of its modernization. He has evolved in a fast-paced environment to implement new technology that disrupt the standard ways of operating. 

Djalil is also trained as a mechanical engineer and evolved in the aerospace industry for 3 years. He’s a self-taught programmer and is currently pursuing a master in artificial intelligence at Polytechnique Montreal Engineering School.  He is responsible of all the technical side of the company and has developed multiple solutions in e-commerce.