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"Data helps us improve our businesses, right the systems around us, and keep everyone accountable. But very little Canadian data exists today around Black entrepreneurship and the Black community in general. That’s why we are undertaking our own research focused towards systems level changes and sharing reports with you. Knowledge is power — and you can use it to your advantage." Jackee Kasandy

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Why is Data Important to You?

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As Peter Drucker wisely said, “if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.” Data is king because it helps us improve our businesses and the systems around us—while also keeping everyone accountable.

In Canada, there is a massive need for deeper analysis and more data on Black entrepreneurship and the Black community as a whole. There is currently a lack of proper, up-to-date data on various matters pertaining to the Black community, like information on our demographics, youth, levels of entrepreneurship and more.

Here at BEBC, we’re on a mission to change that. We are actively working to fill this gap by providing the Black community with proper research, data, analysis and policy change recommendations. Not only are we undertaking our own research and data analysis, we will also be highlighting relevant research papers from other organizations. Together, we can all grow in knowledge and wisdom—strengthening the Black community and businesses as whole.

BEBC Member Survey | Insights West research paper (2021)

  • Black Entrepreneurs & Businesses of Canada Society (BEBC)’s mission is to help Black businesses across the country grow, scale up and become sustainable. We provide a unified platform for advocating and supporting Black entrepreneurs and businesses in Canada. One way of doing so? Providing our community with data-driven solutions that will insightfully inform their business decisions and practices. 

    We surveyed hundreds of Western Canadian Black Businesses in order to provide you with important insights on Black Businesses on topics such as:

    • Demographics and firmographics
    • Business banking usage
    • Main business challenges
    • Impact of COVID-19
    • Awareness and usage of government support programs 
    • And more!

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Inclusive Entrepreneurship | African Canadian Senate Group paper (2021)

  • Systematic racism in Canada can prevent Black entrepreneurs from realizing their full potential and achieving full success. Policy makers, stakeholders and the general public must need more information on how to dismantle barriers and  support the Black business community.

    This report provides insights on the barriers facing Canadian Black entrepreneurs. You’ll learn about pressing matters like:

    • Empowered vs. Unempowered Black entrepreneurs.
    • Systemic racism and Black entrepreneurship
    • Business performance
    • Access to capital
    • Networks and mentorship
    • Trust & relationships
    • And more!

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The State of Women's Entrepreneurship | A Focus on Black Women Entrepreneurs | Women's Knowledge Hub (2021)

  • Black women entrepreneurs face numerous barriers that need to be addressed. But there is scarce data focused on Black female entrepreneurs in Canada. This insightful resource provides an in-depth look of the landscape, drawing upon pre-existing data from a plethora of credible sources. 

    You’ll discover findings on relevant topics including:

    • Issues Facing Black Women Entrepreneurs
    • The Black Community in Canada
    • The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Black Entrepreneurs
    • Experiences of Racism
    • Themes Specific to Black Women Entrepreneurs
    • And more!

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