Black Business Certification Program

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A first of its kind course focused on the supplier, participating in the BEBC supplier diversity course offers Black and other business owners the opportunity to expand market share, grow their companies, discover new partners, and create new revenue streams. You’ll also be exposed to special training, education, and networking opportunities.

Become a Certified Black Business, Professional, Charity or Non-profit | A 12- 14 weeks Course
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The right certification will help you grow and expand your business by tapping into new markets. The Black Business Certification Program [BBCP] bridges Black businesses in Canada to procurement processes—both corporate & government—that often exclude us. Here's how:


Pre-Certification Business Clinic

Receive wrap-around service to "clean up" your business and build capacity, processes, financials, credit and more.

Get coaching and mentorship that help you plan for growth.


Business Certification

Access accreditation support to help you apply.

Receive coaching and training on how to pitch successfully for corporate or government contracts and tenders.

Receive support with legal services.


Access Our Support Network

Join our certified vendors directory and connect with new corporate, government, and supplier diversity opportunities.
Receive invitations to RFPs, consultations and other exclusive opportunities open to Black-owned businesses.
Experience workshops and mentorship programs to continue to increase capacity.

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Program Highlights

Black Business Certification

95% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of supplier diversity program. Yet less than 1% of supplier diversity programs include Black-owned businesses. Our Black Business Certification program bridges that gap by connecting corporate and public procurement with Black entrepreneurs and businesses.

As a quality third-party certifier of businesses owned, managed, and controlled by Black enterprises, we connect Black businesses to corporate supply chains—helping build relationships, transfer knowledge and drive economic growth for your business.

You are eligible for the Black Business Certification Program  if you are:

  • a Canadian business with B2B services or willing to expand to B2B clients
  • minimum 51% owned, managed and controlled by those who identify as Black 
  • a provider of products and services needed by corporate and government supply chains, including consulting services.
  • Receive a certified stamp of approval that is valid for local, national and global supplier diversity programs
  • Gain a market advantage through new opportunities to market your products and services to large corporations and governments
  • Exhibit brand recognition and validity through the ability to use your Certified BBCC badge, brand and logo on your website, product packaging or marketing collateral
  • Acquire insider information about corporate and government supplier diversity programs, procurement processes and requirements, and more. 
  • Attain access to tools and mentorship programs that grow your business and  ensure ongoing BBCC supplier development
  • Get coaching and mentorship, preparation and training on how to pitch successfully for corporate contracts
  • Learn how to access and respond to federal, provincial and city procurement tenders and bid successfully 
  • Secure support with legal services for contract negotiations
  • Receive Invitations to RFPs, consultations and other exclusive opportunities open to women-owned businesses
  • Obtain access to build relationships with buyers and supplier diversity professionals
  • Attain access to closed-door trade shows, events and matchmakers designed to connect certified businesses with corporate/government buyers to speed up your success
  • And more

Our Black Business Certification is a first of its kind in Canada, follows global supplier diversity standards, and is built on the women’s Business Enterprise Canada (WBE) model – which is recognized by many of the biggest businesses nationally and internationally, including IBM, General Motors, Toyota, Accenture, BMO, TD Bank, RBC, TELUS, Roges, Bells and others.

Beyond corporations, BEBC’s Black Business Certification also opens doors to government organizations: federal (like BDC, Procurement Canada), provincial, municipal and more.

By choosing our Black Business Certification, your Black-owned businesses will receive more access to corporate and public procurement processes, gaining a stamp of approval valid for local, national and global supplier diversity programs. 

To join, fill the details in the form below and we will contact you back soon.