BC Entrepreneurs Black
Business Loan Program

Apply for up to $10k today!


BC Entrepreneurs! Let's see if you're eligible for a loan of up to $10k!

At BEBC we are determined to help any and all Black founders access loans and funding for their businesses. We also have a unique way of helping people who might not qualify for or need a conventional loan. We will wrap around you, work with or on your credit score to help you receive the funds.

We and our partners don’t look at just your credit history when we consider a microloan. We also consider your ambition, character and determination. In addition, we also look at what you can achieve through financial literacy.

Step 1: Book a meeting with us

First, we’ll need to find out more about your business and your business’ needs!

Step 2: Preparations for Loan Application

We’ll walk you through some questions that we need in order to process and help you become eligible for the amount you need!