Black Business Loan Funding

Investment Readiness Program

Stable funding is the key to your business start, growth, expansion and success. Our Black Business Loan Funding | Investment Readiness Program is a comprehensive, capacity strengthening , 1-on-1 coaching program; you will be paired up with a coach that supports, guides and works with you every step of the way through loan preparation, application and post-loan support to help ensure your success.

We encourage you to feel empowered to tap into funding to change your business trajectory to start, grow, expand or mature.,

Step 1: Prepare for Loan or Investment Applications

Learn how to find and successfully apply for the funds you need to support your business, at any stage.

Step 2: Access Pre and Post Loan Wrap-around Supports

Access 1-1 coaching plus financial clinics, investment readiness training, business plan mentorship, professional services support and more.

Step 3: Manage Loans Strategically

Learn to manage your loans in ways that both grow your business and sustainably maintain loan servicing.

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Program Highlights

Black Business Loan Funding | Investment Readiness Program

This program prepares Black Businesses across Canada for the application of loans and grants, while also providing comprehensive wraparound support to ensure you succeed.

  • Access regular meetings with a mentor to help with pre funding preparationĀ 
  • Get assistance with business clean-up like name registration, business bank accounts, tax rules, and instruction on incorporation vs sole proprietorshipĀ 
  • Access financial clinics that cover cash flow projections, P & Ls, financial landscapes, Asset to debt ratios and more
  • Access assistance with tax filing to ensure there are no taxes owing
  • Learn financial literacy, including credit score numbers, management
    Get assistance with a business plan/Business Model Canvas
  • And moreā€¦
  • Schedule Meetings during loans applications to support your application
  • Get expert recommendations on how to choose the right bank, investor or grant for your business
  • Develop a loan management strategyĀ 
  • Access monthly coaching or training meetings, custom-built for your needs around post-loan care
  • Get support for things like capacity building, training and education, certifications, diversity supplier networks, co-marketing, business digitization, and professional services support

Criteria and qualifications will differ depending on the stage of business, size of loans, etc. Each business is unique in its needs. We will support business owners to ensure they meet the criteria required to access funding.