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BEBC Society is a Black-led organization, representing 2900+ Black businesses [68% of who are Black women businesses] in Canada. We are providing a unified platform for advocating and supporting Black entrepreneurs and businesses in Canada to create opportunities for advancement & self determination through entrepreneurship for Black communities. In addition to advocacy, we help facilitate access to financing (Federal, Provincial, and Local), access to social procurement and certification, as well as provide advisory and mentorship services to our members.

Our mission is to help Black businesses grow, scale up and become sustainable through supplier diversity.

A first of its kind course focused on the supplier, participating in the BEBC supplier diversity course offers Black and other business owners the opportunity to expand market share, grow their companies, discover new partners, and create new revenue streams. Participants also be exposed to special training, education, and networking opportunities.

We increase supplier diversity and create opportunities for business growth by preparing Black businesses for procurement opportunities in domestic and international markets by establishing a Black business certification platform and providing procurement training and coaching. More incentives include:

Supporting Black businesses through certification – training, access, growth & support networks. 

Supporting public & private sector organizations in advancing their supplier diversity initiatives by providing quality certified Black businesses to do business. 

Creating strong partnerships with other certifying bodies and like minded organizations

We’ve established a new stream of Black business certification process that develops, certifies, and prepares Black suppliers to successfully engage and respond to corporate and government buyers. As a third party certification body by the BEBC Society, we are the bridge between corporate and public procurement and Black entrepreneurs & businesses in Canada. As a quality third-party certifier of businesses owned, managed, and controlled by BEBs, we open doors and connect them to government and corporate supply chains Canada, US and around the globe. Our focus is on building relationships, facilitating knowledge transfer, and driving economic growth.

Founded by both government and corporations, we provide certification services for their supplier diversity programs; The BEBC Society certifies, supports and promotes Canadian Black Business Enterprises (BEBs) who provide products or services to corporations and government organizations.

  • Opportunities to identify competitive suppliers of goods and services

  • Opportunities for innovation from new and enterprising suppliers

  • Networking opportunities with other major corporations

  • Business and community recognition and awards

  • Access to networking events

  • Assistance in establishing an internal Supplier Diversity program

  • Access to Supplier Diversity program training and seminars

  • Access to the BEBC Society’s database of certified Black suppliers

  • Access to market knowledge regarding doing business with Black communities


Additional Benefits:

  • Certified Black Businesses Network – Access to a national (and in future global) Black business database and resources required to develop and leverage a diverse and inclusive global value chain.

  • Business Growth – A ‘one-stop’, reliable and cost-effective way to identify Black-owned businesses

  • Risk Management – Assistance in mitigating risk and validating reported Black-owned suppliers that meet the global criteria for 51 percent owned, operated and controlled.

  • Global Innovation – Access to cost-savings and innovative services through increased competition with suppliers that mirror your diverse customer base.

  • Vendor Development – Efficient, in-person and virtual networking opportunities to identify black-owned businesses through the BBCG database and other global and local events.

  • Knowledge Exchange – Platform to engage employees through training and educational programs for Black business owners to enhance their capacity to supply to corporations, increase their market value and reduce risk to potential buyers.

  • Brand Enhancement – Ongoing opportunities to amplify inclusive sourcing efforts and increase the visibility of your company through global and local media channels available to BEBC.

  • Global Impact – Opportunities to set your company apart from competitors in CSR/ ESG efforts and demonstrate a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal #5 of Gender Equality and #17 of Partnerships for the Goals.

  • A seat on national advisory councils.

As a member of the BEBC Society, you are willing to:

  • Commit to the BEBC Society’s vision and mission

  • Identify opportunities within your company to increase awareness of the availability of Black suppliers

  • Identify opportunities within your company to increase procurement from certified Black and minority suppliers

  • Participate in and support the BEBC Society’s networking events, where applicable

  • Consider participating in member committees, such as event planning, membership, etc.

  • Advocate externally to encourage commitment to the BEBC Society’s mission

  • Report on dollar purchases from the BEBC Society’s certified Black suppliers

  • Pay annual membership fee


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Thank you for expressing interest in the BEBC Supplier Diversity Program. Our members are committed to sourcing from Canadian Black Business Enterprises and enhancing supplier diversity within and beyond Canada.

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