Tobias Brown

Founder, Tommie's Jerk

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Tobias Q. Brown, the visionary behind Tommie’s Jerk in Surrey, BC, is a culinary trailblazer whose impact extends far beyond the walls of his restaurant. His exceptional journey and contributions to Jamaican cuisine have set him apart from the competition and have catapulted him to win or be a finalist 9 national business awards in 2023 and is currently a Finalist in the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards (an Award that showcases individuals who are making lasting impacts on a national scale).

Tobias has not merely run a restaurant; he’s fostered a cultural exchange through food. His knack for sharing Jamaican cuisine goes beyond cultural boundaries, embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. In doing so, he has not only created a culinary haven for his community but has also become a global ambassador for Caribbean flavors.