Attend our Supplier Diversity and Procurement Info Session!

Did you know?

The government of Canada – federal, provincial, city, and municipal – is the biggest buyer/customer for the business. They buy EVERYTHING, even things you never thought they would, from pencils, tissue paper, garbage bags, flowers, cakes you name it… they spend BILLIONS of dollars buying from small and large businesses. You could be the next company they buy from.


Corporations, like TD, Deloitte, Rogers, Telus, etc., are big buyers of small businesses too. They spend BILLIONS on buying for their offices and business. Supplier diversity and procurement are our future to expand and grow our businesses because the government and corporations want to work with Black-owned companies.

Learn what it is, how it works, and how you can be a part of it. BEBC is here to support you all the way through the process.