Nonye Nwachukwu

Senior Account Manager
Directeur principal, BDC

Nonye Nwachukwu has extensive experience in commercial lending  with a career in the sector spanning over 9 years. A highly accomplished Senior Account Manager with the commercial team at BDC, and have been with BDC since 2021.

With a strong educational background and a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed, Nonye brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

He uses his experience to help ambitious companies grow and succeed by exploring all lending options and best business advisory services from BDC‘s network of coaches and consultants.

Before taking on his current role, Nonye was a commercial banker with BMO and held several roles in personal banking, agricultural banking, and small business.

Nonye holds BSc in Economics from Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria, MSc in Investment Management from Coventry University, UK, and a Post graduate Diploma (Finance Concentration) from Vancouver Island University.