Mwenda Dyck

Founder, South Central Greens

I’ve always had a passion for plants, since I was a kid I’d spend my summers on the family farm, submerging myself in the world ofĀ agriculture. It was natural to pursue ag in my post-secondary education, I’m happy I did as it’s yielded great results!

I recognized a hole in the current grocery supply chain. After switching to a more health-conscious diet, I realized that my spending on veggies was getting quite high. It was also hard to establish a meal plan and menu, as the global supply chain issue meant store shelves were not consistently stocked.

Microgreens are a great solution for those looking to eat healthy and expand their culinary horizons. Not only are microgreens abundant in health benefits, they are cheaper than traditional greens and are much more versatile in the kitchen!

South Central Greens is an urban farm based on two simple principles: Sustainability and Accessibility.

These values and our passion for agricultureĀ has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at South Central Greens knows that maintaining a healthy diet can be expensive, and strives to make high quality greens accessible for everyone… Without the big grocery bill or large carbon footprint that traditional produce often comes with.

My goal is to provide you with a sustainable source of healthy foods, whether you’re a chef looking for their next hit dish, or a student like me who just wants to eat healthy and save money. Feel free to get in touch and explore what we have to offer!