Ingrid Brousillon

Chief Energy Officer

Once upon a time, a baby girl was born in Guadeloupe, a French island far, far away in the Caribbean.

While growing up she loved listening to storytelling and she would read the same tales over and over.

But tales and storytelling would not make a living for her (at least that is what she had been told).
Then she moved to France to complete her studies in Business Management, got a job and started to live an adult life.

Something was missing, and she knew it was the joy that she used to find in the books she read or the storytelling she listened to.
As soon as she could, she took acting and storytelling classes alongside her day job.

In 2017 she decided that she wanted to be fluent in English, so she moved to Vancouver.

Late in 2018 she created Griottes Polyglottes and starts helping adults and kids improve their self confidence speaking French or English using a unique method: improvisation and theater games;
By seeing her enegy and her impact on the participants she’s been asked to do more workshops on different topics.

Now she is happy to offer workshops:
– Improve self confidence speaking French or English
– Confidence to speak up against racism
– Address unconscious Biases
– Confidence to sell yourself in a job interview

She firmly believes that learning should be fun and impactful. And you?