Desiree Thomas

Doing Business as a Digital Influencer

Day 2 Panel

Desiree is an accomplished professional in the fields of photography, branding, and social media consultancy. With over a decade of experience in the industry, her work is deeply rooted in a strong foundation of marketing and design. She is passionate about creativity and committed to bringing her client’s visions to life.

As a strategic leader in social media and marketing, Desiree has a wealth of experience in content creation and design. She excels at leading high-performance teams and navigating the digital landscape, enabling her to drive impactful marketing strategies and transformative initiatives that enhance brand presence on various platforms.

Desiree’s reputation as a visionary professional is built on her proven track record of project completion and the creation of collaborative work environments. She is not only skilled at elevating brand narratives but also takes a holistic approach to consultancy. Her depth of knowledge helps foster growth, innovation, and success in every endeavour.