Deress Asghedom

Founder & CEO, Vaster

Winning with Technology – Social Media, Marketing Automation, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property, and your business

For over two decades, I’ve thrived at the intersection of branding and operations.

My career began in the fast-paced world of supply chain management, where I honed my skills in logistics and building efficient systems. Overseeing teams of over 500 and managing millions in inventory across North America, I learned the importance of anticipating customer needs and ensuring a seamless experience.

This dedication to customer-centricity led me to create Vaster, a consumer app that is focused on revolutionizing product discovery. Witnessing the impact of this technology on consumer confidence sparked a passion for building tools that bridge the gap between brands and their audience.

What drives me?

1. Building seamless user journeys: I believe in crafting experiences that feel effortless, whether it’s navigating a complex supply chain or discovering the perfect product.
2. Data-driven decision-making: Insights are the fuel for innovation. I leverage data to identify customer needs and create solutions that truly resonate.
3. Empowering brands and consumers: The best brand experiences are a two-way street. I’m passionate about technology that empowers both brands to connect authentically and consumers to make informed choices.

I am committed to assisting our partners in their journey towards a net-zero world.