Candace Lauren

Candace Lauren Black Business Summit Co-Host Candace Lauren serves humanity as a multi-faceted creative. She is passionate about working with impact driven organizations and is the founder of Brand Communiqué Inc. Candace is an accomplished designer and brand strategist, designing for six-figure to multi-million dollar, award-winning brands and clients. Brand Communiqué is a consulting group […]

Andrea Pierce

Andrea Pierce MBA, LEED AP BD+C, CEM, PMP, CRM-IIPER Executive Director, Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, Carleton University
 Building Wealth | Black Serving Organizations Andrea has an MBA and is a an accredited professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C) with US Green Building Council, a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with […]

Allyson Byrd

Allyson Byrd Opening Keynote Speaker So many teachers show up to teach all the pitfalls to avoid in hopes of you curating maybe 10% more success in your life. This is after you make it to the top 1% of people that they tell you barely make it into the sacred rings of achievement. It’s […]

Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen Black Youth & Entrepreneurship Melissa Allen is the Executive Director of the League of Innovators, a national charity that empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs. Melissa began her career in sales and marketing at tech companies such as Torstar Digital and Google, before pivoting to an award-winning career in wealth management. Combining her […]

Brittany Charlton

Brittany Charlton Black Youth & Entrepreneurship: The Brittany Charlton Story Brittany Charlton, the founder and CEO of Ohh! Foods, developed a new allergy to peanuts at the age of 18. After recognizing the allergy, Brittany took to finding peanut-free versions and alternatives for her favourite foods and snacks – only to discover that there were […]

Tiffany Callender

Tiffany Callender CEO of The Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) Working with lending institutions to help scale & grow your Black business Tiffany Callender was named the inaugural CEO of The Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) in 2021. The national and bilingual Black-led non-profit organisation is focused on providing resources and information to […]

Eldon Holder Snr

Eldon Holder Snr Fireside Chat I am an executive with an over twenty-five-year track record of executive leadership in all sectors: Public, Private and Non- Profit. Currently, the Executive Advisor on the UN Decade For People of African Descent (UNDPAD) Initiatives within the department of Employment and Social Development Canada. Previous roles included Executive Director […]

Andre Dawkins

Andre Dawkins Building Wealth | Home ownership & the collateral game Andre is a Mortgage Broker, Entrepreneur, and Show host from the GTA. With over 15 years experience in the Mortgage arena, Andre used his platform and knowledge to empower people with challenging mortgages and aspiring homeowners alike to dream big while still remaining financially […]

Wassim Gueraoui

Wassim Gueraoui Creator of agaZice Black Business Summit Co-Host Wassim is a student at the university of Toronto. At the age of 19, Wassim designed, programmed, and 3d printed his first invention all by himself. He’s a young innovator always fascinated by finding a way to complete tedious tasks faster or eliminating them completely. His […]

Dr. Vibe

Dr. Vibe Building Wealth | Pitching successfully for financing Dr. Vibe™ has been the host and producer of the award-winning online show The Dr. Vibe Show™ for over twelve years. He has done over 4000 online interviews with people from all over the world. He has gotten into the minds of powerhouses such as The […]