Andrew Brown

Associate Deputy Minister, Canadian Heritage
Sous-ministre délégué, Patrimoine canadien

Creating Connections: Building bridges together as Black Business Stakeholders

Andrew (il, lui; he, him) was appointed Associate Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage in May 2024. Prior to this appointment, he worked as Associate Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and has been working at ESDC since 2014 on Employment Insurance policy, pandemic benefits policy and labour issues. Most recently, he was the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for skills and employment programming. Earlier in his career, Andrew worked as an Advisor at the Privy Council Office on files related to the Canada-United States border from 2012 until 2014; and on citizenship, immigration and refugee programs in Canada and abroad. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) degree from Queen’s University (Kingston) and a doctorate in Physics from the University of Alberta.