BEBC Mentoring & Coaching Programs

If you can SEE IT, you can BE IT.


BEBC offers 1 on 1 mentorshipĀ that support Black Businesses done by other business owners.Ā 

Our program allows our members access to mentors for 6 months to a 1yr of ongoing relationships for mentoring.


One of our team members will be happy to meet with you and start you mentorship & coaching journey for your business success.

Any question is a good question

– How can manage your credit score when its so low?

– How do I register a business?

– Should I incorporate or stay sole proprietor?

– What’s the process of applying for a loan? Where should I start?

– Should I open a bricks & mortar store?

– Do you have a business plan template?

– Where should I open my business account?

You can book as many meetings as you need to receive all the support you want and deserve.

We are always at your service.

InĀ additionĀ to the 1 on 1 directly with BEBC, we have partnered with:Ā 

Ernest & Young (EY)Ā 

Ā StartUp CanadaĀ 



Women’s Enterprise CentreĀ 

The ForumĀ 

League of Innovators


Through these organizations, BEBC offers broaderĀ Mentorship Programs that support Black Businesses. These programs will allow our members to access mentors for an ongoing relationships for mentoring.

Through these organizations, BEBC will provide access progressiveĀ Coaching ProgramsĀ that support Black Businesses

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