Jewel Love

Telling Your Story: Marketing That Brings Sales

Jewel Edward Love, Jr. is a professional coach working with Black men in corporate America. During the past 7 years he has helped over 500 black men at leading companies obtain mid-level and senior leadership roles. Using his proven 3M system of mindset, motivation, and massive action, he helps his clients reach their professional potential, leaving any possibility for failure, procrastination, or regrets behind. His clients routinely achieve 3S, which is the rarely achieved trinity of high salary, high seniority, and a high level of job satisfaction. He has provided training at leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, PayPal, Capital One, Medtronic, Upwork, Trimble, PG&E, and many more. As the founder of Black Executive Men, his coaching company aims to transform the lives of Black men across corporate America, in order for them to make the greatest impact possible.