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Dr. Vibe™ has been the host and producer of the award-winning online show The Dr. Vibe Show™ for over twelve years. He has done over 4000 online interviews with people from all over the world. He has gotten into the minds of powerhouses such as The Honourable Ahmed Hussen (Canadian Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion), Mario Armstrong (Two time Emmy award winner and the host of The Never Settle Show), Kenneth Braswell (CEO of Fathers Incorporated), Lorenzo Ieraci (Director General · Public Services and Procurement for the government of Canada), Lisa Hickey (CEO – The Good Men Project – one of the most viewed websites for men in the world) and Freddie Coleman (longtime host on ESPN Radio).

In January 2022, Dr. Vibe™ became a Certified GrowthWheel® Trainer. GrowthWheel® is a toolbox for Decision-making in startup and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs and business advisors Get Focus, Set Agenda, Make Decisions, and Take Action.

As of December 2021, Dr. Vibe™ has been serving as a Business Advisor for the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce’s “Elevate Business Project”. The goal of the “Elevate Business Project” is to provide innovative business solutions that will allow Black entrepreneurs to succeed and contribute to the broader economic recovery and prosperity for all Canadians.

Dr. Vibe™ helped launch (start date January 2022) the City of Toronto’s “Black Entrepreneurship, Empowered Intensive Case Management” program. The program is for clients who are interested in running a black-owned business, and have had personal experience with the criminal justice system.

Since April 2020, as part of the Dad Central Ontario (Canada’s national fatherhood organization) team, Dr. Vibe™ has been the host and co-producer of the only online conversation in the world for dads and fathers that is sponsored by Dove Men+Care. In 2021, through the collaboration with Dove Men+Care and Dads Central, Ed was part of a team that engaged with, directly and indirectly, over 100,000 fathers and dads around the world.

Dr. Vibe™’s relationship with Dove Men+Care has grown to have him now be the co-host and co-producer since May 2022 of the only online show for dads and fathers that is sponsored by Dove Men+Care.

The Dr. Vibe Show™ has won two awards given by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (2020 Best Podcast News Award and in 2018 – The Innovation Award).

Dr. Vibe™ has been a certified coach since June 2015 and has been training coaches since February 2021.

Since May 2013, The Dr. Vibe Show™ has the first and only online show to be regularly featured on the popular U.S. based men’s website, The Good Men Project which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 6 million page views per month.

Dr. Vibe™ is the president of Dr. Vibe Enterprises™. Dr. Vibe Enterprises™ offers various services including coaching including business and podcast coaching, coaching of men and fathers and personal development.