Candace Lauren

Candace Lauren Black Business Summit Co-Host Candace Lauren serves humanity as a multi-faceted creative. She is passionate about working with impact driven organizations and is the founder of Brand Communiqué Inc. Candace is an accomplished designer and brand strategist, designing for six-figure to multi-million dollar, award-winning brands and clients. Brand Communiqué is a consulting group […]

Wassim Gueraoui

Wassim Gueraoui Creator of agaZice Black Business Summit Co-Host Wassim is a student at the university of Toronto. At the age of 19, Wassim designed, programmed, and 3d printed his first invention all by himself. He’s a young innovator always fascinated by finding a way to complete tedious tasks faster or eliminating them completely. His […]

Jordan L. Gooden

Jordan L. Gooden Black Business Summit Co-Host Jordan L Gooden an image consultant who specializes in helping people project their best selves through their appearance and personal style. Jordan has worked with individuals from all walks of life, including corporate executives, and everyday people looking to improve their image. Desktop